client services

ensuring Quality affordable accommodation

Goals and Objectives :

To ensure that quality, affordable accommodation is provided to qualifying candidates. To ensure that all units are occupied at all times.


To collect rental payments from all tenants and ensure that tenants and landlord abide by the terms and conditions stipulated within the Lease Agreement.


What the department does:

The department is responsible for processing all applications received and approving all applications where possible, should the applicant meet all the criteria. The signing of new Lease Agreements as well as the renewal of Lease Agreements before they expire is done timeously. 


We are also responsible for the receipting of all amounts received from the tenants with regards to their rental, utilities and parking.

The assisting of tenants/applicants with their queries is dealt with on a daily basis in order to expedite resolution where possible.

Unfortunately handing defaulting tenants over for collection of debt is a reality.