Property Management

Operation, control and oversight of imizi estates

Property Management is the operation, control and oversight of Imizi estates that involves the processes, systems, and manpower required to manage the life cycle of all acquired property including accountability, responsibility, maintenance and utilization.


In short for Imizi, it is how you MANAGE your properties and the people who live in them and to ensure that the tenants are kept well satisfied. 


Property Management includes the following elements: 

1. Repairs & Maintenance 

2. Cleaning

3. Gardening 

4. Risk Management: Security, Health & Safety, Insurance 

5. Procurement of Maintenance of Maintenance Services 

6. Tenant Management 

7. Community & Social Development Repairs & Maintenance is the general upkeep of the units and the development in its entirety. 

Repairs & Maintenance is the general upkeep of the units and the development in its entirety. It includes all major and minor routine repairs. Good repairs and maintenance procedures are followed as best practice. Repairs would include anything from blocked drains to painting the building.


Cleaning of buildings, walkways, and common areas makes the property habitable and attractive. This also prevents health and safety issues.


Gardening creates a pleasant environment which enhances the attractiveness of the buildings. This would include mowing the lawn and pruning the trees and maintenance of the paved areas.


Risk Management is important to mitigate the risks for the asset. Security is an important component for Imizi as tenants need to feel safe in their home environment. Imizi provides 24 hour security and supervised access with biometric systems in place. Health & Safety is a compliant and legal requirement with the high tech fire management systems operational. Insurance in the event of any disasters and injuries on site protects Imizi against such threats.


Community & Social Development enhances Imizi culture and assists in preventing crime and providing co-operative communities. This includes play areas for kids and sporting equipment. This is a good area to involve residents in certain aspects and create buy in.