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Please read through the below carefully to see if you meet the minimum requirements in order to rent one of our beautiful apartments. If you think you do and want to make sure, please click on the GET IN TOUCH button and one of our friendly staff members will contact you!

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You can phone: 

Head Office : 041 373 2194 

Walmer: 041 517 2813 

Willowdene: 041 001 1112 

Fairview: 041 367 2426 

Fairview ext: 041 450 7344

 Imizi rental apartments (flats) Please note that these are not RDP give away houses but family apartments (flats) for rent.

 Qualifying requirements

- Your joint monthly income must be between R3500 and R15000 per month.

- You must be a South African citizen or a permanent resident.

- You must not have owned a property or received housing before.

- You must be older than 21 years of age or married.

- You must be employed or self employed with a regular income.


How to apply?

If you pass the qualifying requirements you need to fill in a form Forms are obtainable from the offices of Imizi housing association at 7 Upper Dickens Street Central Assistance will be given in filling in the forms


What additional documents must I bring?

- Current pay slip which is not older that 3 months or a letter from employer

- Identity document of applicant

- Identity document of spouse/partner if applicable

- Marriage, divorce or death certificate if applicable

- Birth certificates of dependents

- Affidavits if applicable

- Bank statements of the past 6 months for all occupants 

- IRP 5 SASSA Card SASSA Letter


Please note that all documents need to endorsed by a commissioner of oaths

Flats will be of the following sizes 

Studio (bachelor) flat of 30m² 

1 bedroom flat of 38m² 

2 bedroom flat of 48m² 

3 bedroom flat of 58m² 

There is a non-refundable application fee of R 170 which will be levied on each and every application. 

Think you qualify? Want to make sure?

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