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- Rental is calculated according to the combined household income as well as the size of the unit that the applicant qualifies for.

- Yes, a single person may apply. There may be no more than two persons per bedroom, which means a maximum of six persons could qualify for a three bedroom unit.

- An applicant does not need to be married in order to qualify or have dependants. As long as the applicant has a fixed income (salary/SASSA/company or government pension), they may apply.

- Yes, an applicant may still apply. If the applicant is under debt review, a letter from the debt review company which states the amount that the applicant may utilise for rental can be accepted. If the applicant is blacklisted and has made arrangements with the company which blacklisted them, a letter from this company must be attached to the application form.

- Generally it should not take more than 48 hours for an answer to be given to the applicant after the application has been submitted. This is however subject to the applicant having provided all the relevant documentation requested as well as their employer and current landlord being available to confirm the information provided on the application form.

- The units are strictly for rental only.

- It is not possible to know that an application fee is going to be declined, unless the relevant checks have been done, such as credit checks and property ownership checks. There are fees involved in doing these checks, which the application fee is utilised for.

- If an applicant meets the criteria, they will receive a letter confirming this, along with the amount which is to be paid in advance. Once they have paid the full amount due, they will be placed on a waiting list for the next available unit in the size which they qualify for. Once you have paid the deposit, you are guaranteed a unit, although we cannot guarantee the time frame before one can be allocated to you. This would be subject to a unit being available and where you stand on the waiting list.


• On what basis do you then accept or decline an application?

An application is accepted when the applicant qualifies as per the qualifying criteria. An application can be declined on the following grounds:


Poor Credit Record;

Owner of Property;

Income above R15 000.00;

Not permanently employed or received a fixed income;

Incorrect information provided.

- The application form can unfortunately not be emailed or faxed. The completed application form must be delivered to any of our projects or to our Head Office.

- No, unfortunately not, as we require some documents to be original, such as the six months banks statements.

- Your affordability is based on your combined net income and the rental is based on your combined gross income..

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